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Patrick Kennedy

Former United States Congressman

Eric Weinstein

Managing Partner, Thiel Capital

Joon Yun

President, Palo Alto Investors

George Papandreou

Former Prime Minister, Greece

David Sloan Wilson

Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University

Jeff Fluhr

Co-Founder and former CEO StubHub

Jennifer Alden

Palo Alto Investors

Dhani Jones

NFL Athlete, Qey Capital Partners


Jerry Harrison

Guitarist, Talking Heads

Kerry Dolan

Forbes Magazine

Conrad Yun

Yun Family Foundation

Oona King

Member of the House of Lords, UK

Songyee Yoon

CEO of NCSOFT West, Trustee MIT

Steve Vassallo

Foundation Capital

Jim Glasheen

Vice-Chancellor, UMass Medical School

Steve Herrod

Managing Partner, General Catalyst

Eugene Jhong

Blockchain Investor

Scott Jacobs


Kirk Spahn

Co-founder, Dwight Global Online School

Phil Auerswald

 Schar School of Policy and Government

Gil Penchina

Angel Investor

Bill Tai

KiteVC, VC & Blockchain Entrepreneur

Andy Sheehan

Sutter Hill Ventures

Keith Powers

Former EVP, XPrize, Khan Academy

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